Increase Awareness, Impact Outcome

Why Coaching?

We struggle to achieve the goals we say are important to us. Why? Research shows humans are notoriously unreliable at objective self-assessment. Coaching provides perspective, feedback and the support needed to increase awareness, explore options and create better outcomes, so you can launch forward.

Why Stephanie?

For over 25 years I have been helping people create meaningful change in their personal and professional lives. My approach centers on identifying how behavior patterns, both positive and negative, impact our lives. I specialize in helping clients understand these patterns so they can better achieve their desired goals at work and home.

Why Now?

Wanting a different result requires a fresh perspective as well as attention, effort and commitment. Change is challenging and seldom happens spontaneously. The sooner you take a proactive step, the sooner you or your team will be on the road to greater clarity, success and fulfillment.