Nine Types

The Enneagram teaches us that there are nine distinct ways of feeling, thinking, acting and doing. Each type, or style, emerges as a result of a core motivation.

Motivated to be good, right and perfect. Focuses on fixing what is wrong.

Motivated to be liked and needed. Focuses on others needs.

Motivated to achieve success. Focuses on work, capabilities and proving value.

Motivated to find connection, meaning and authenticity. Focuses on self-expression.

Motivated to be competent and knowledgeable. Focuses on conserving energy.

Motivated to be secure. Focuses on worst-case scenarios.

Motivated to be satisfied and content. Focuses on pleasant options.

Motivated to be strong and in control. Focuses on maintaining control.

Motivated to have peace of mind and harmony. Focuses on keeping everyone happy.

the enneagram

The Enneagram is a personality system. Like most personality systems, the Enneagram provides a construct for explaining your behavior and actions – how you navigate the world. Unlike other personality systems, the Enneagram focuses on the motivation underlying and driving our behaviors and actions. With the focus on motivation, our awareness of why we do what we do expands exponentially and makes meaningful growth and change easier to achieve and maintain.

Enneagram SymbolThe word Enneagram stems from the Greek words “ennea” meaning nine and “gram” meaning graph. Together, the word means “nine-sided” and is linked to nine interrelated personality types. We all have a bit of all nine types in our personalities. Though each of us has a dominant type, fueled by a core motivation, that impacts how we think, feel and behave.

The Enneagram uses awareness and understanding of these nine personality styles to 1) help us identify our dominant behavior patterns and how they may or may not be serving us well and 2) help us increase our understanding that those around us are differently motivated and therefore naturally operating with a different set of behavior patterns. The system also helps us identify strategies to change our behavior with effective and impactful results, and learn to optimally communicate with those of different Enneagram styles.

At Work

The Enneagram is helping a growing number of business leaders and organizations create new, sustainable ways to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Improve communication at all levels
  • Retain valued employees
  • Solve problems
  • Engage customers and improve sales
  • Minimize and resolve conflict
  • Build cohesive, well-functioning teams
  • Enhance workplace morale

For Life

The Enneagram personality system offers superb insight for individuals seeking to:

  • Develop greater emotional intelligence and self-awareness
  • Communicate more effectively at home and work
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Better define and achieve important goals
  • Decrease stress and improve work-life balance
  • Improve overall health and well-being
  • Realize greater authenticity
  • Manifest greater all around life satisfaction