About you, about me


Below is a sampling of why clients initially contact me, followed by a snapshot of areas of growth and development


Hired SRC to help with Work-Related Change and/or Concerns


Hired SRC to help with Relationship Concerns


Hired SRC to help with Communication Issues


Hired SRC to help Define Goals


Working on Developing Leadership Skills


Working on living with greater authenticity


Working on improving communication with staff & colleagues, friends & family


Working on breaking a pattern that does not serve them well


Women 65%
Men 35%

Type Of Coaching

Professional Development Clients 75%
Personal Development Clients 25%


20-29 5%
30-39 35%
40-49 30%
50-59 20%
60+ 10%

About Stephanie Ross


Creating Meaningful Change Together
I believe people from all walks of life benefit from better understanding how and why they function as they do in personal and professional environments. I work with individuals and organizations to help increase this understanding.

Many think of me as an “executive coach” or “life coach.” I prefer to describe myself as a tour guide who takes individuals on tours of themselves and the people around them. Just like any tour guide, I point out interesting facts, as well as ask thought-provoking questions. In this role, I educate, illuminate, advise, encourage and, yes coach.

I find it a profound privilege to be part of the process that unfolds as my clients endeavor to create meaningful change in their personal and professional lives. In turn, I endeavor to create healthy relationships with my clients that are built on integrity, confidentiality and authenticity.

Education and Training
I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Art History from Smith College and then went to work, first in retail management, and then not-for-profit management.

While raising my children, I pursued advanced studies in integrative and holistic medicine, art & healing, counseling and coaching, and business. I received my master’s degree in Human Development from St. Mary’s University (Minneapolis, MN.)

Additionally, I have studied the Enneagram personality system extensively, having trained with many of the finest Enneagram teachers in the US. For more information on my Enneagram certifications, please visit my LinkedIn profile. I am also a certified MARI practitioner, having trained with MARI Creative Resources.

Many clients find it helpful that beyond my coaching work, I’ve had two entrepreneurial ventures. These experiences have expanded my ability to understand the many facets and challenges business owners and managers deal with in their work.

On a Personal Note
I am based in St. Paul MN, but split my time between St. Paul, Minnesota and Tucson, Arizona. I have twin daughters in their mid-20’s and a second husband who I adore. I am an Enneagram type 1, which means I often prefer work to play. When I do step away, I enjoy spending time with family & friends, traveling, hiking, reading and making art.

I offer a no cost 30-minute phone consultation to help you determine if I am the right coach for you.