What My Clients Have to Say

  • Stephanie is a trusted business ally. She has helped us open lines of communication, resolve conflicts and retain valuable employees.

    Business Owner Professional Development Client
  • I have had the pleasure of spending many many hours with Stephanie in person and on the phone. No matter what, I come out of the interaction with a better idea of where I need to be headed, and what I should be doing when I get there. Her professional coaching has had profound effects and applications in my personal life as well. Any organization that is looking to improve company productivity, team-work, communication or employee satisfaction would be well served to engage the services of Stephanie Ross! She is a joy to be around and absolutely spectacular at what she does.

    Sales Manager Professional Development Client
  • In a short period of time, Stephanie has been extremely helpful in encouraging me to be my 'true self.' She has the intuitive ability to understand people at a deep level and help reflect those truths back. 

    Architect Personal Coaching Client
  • Stephanie led a three-hour Enneagram retreat for our 12 person team, none of whom had previous experience with Enneagram. She was excellent at explaining concepts, telling illuminating stories, thoroughly answering questions and keeping a good pace, Stephanie succeeded in engaging even skeptics, and now we use what we learned about ourselves to be more effective team members.

    Director of Philanthropy Professional Development Client
  • The perceptions of others and the histories we acquire distort who we are. Busy lives, families, friends and living in the world distracts from our purpose. Working with Stephanie reminded me of the fact that we are always changing and evolving and becoming who we were meant to be. Stephanie helped me frame the skills, talents and passions from the past and use them to become possibilities of the future.

    Entrepreneur Personal Coaching Client
  • In the past 15 years, I've worked with Stephanie Ross on a variety of wide-ranging projects. She's proven time and again that she is an 'out-of-the-box' thinker' who promises to bring innovative and creative approaches to timeless professional and personal challenges. Her passion and empathy for her clients and her work make her a true standout in business, community, and personal environments.

    Health Care Consultant Personal Development Client
  • Stephanie has a remarkable ability to take the complex world of Enneagram and add not only clarity, but direction. Our team gained exceptional insight. Her coaching has helped our professional relationships, our team's interpersonal skills and our personal relationships. It is lifelong value added.

    Team Manager Professional Development Client
  • Stephanie provides a great service which helps give people insight and understanding of who they are and why do they do certain things or feel a certain way. Knowing oneself deeply & objectively really helps achieve one's potential. She has a very calming personality and is very easy to talk to.

    Program Director Personal Development Client
  • Not only has Stephanie helped keep me focused and increased my sales, but she has enhanced my interpersonal skills in the office. She brings a relaxed sensibility to work life's ups and downs. My performance is up, my relationships in the office are better, and I am better.

    Business Development Director Professional Development Client
  • Stephanie helps individuals excel and adds a great deal to the interpersonal communication within our company, which helps us do an even better job for our clients.

    Attorney Professional Development Client
  • Stephanie brings wisdom, heart, vision and clarity to her client interactions. She has the ability to ask gently-put, insightful and probing questions that ultimately lead to growth. I am immensely grateful to have the benefit of her coaching.

    Author & Public Speaker Personal Development Client
  • Working with Stephanie helps me so much! My thoughts are like dust particles in a sunbeam , and she helps me bring them in and sort out the fears and fantasy from reality!

    Phone Sales Rep Professional Development Client
  • [The Enneagram] has actually really helped me to understand how to manage myself in situations, and how to verbalize what I’m feeling for other people in my life to help them understand where I’m coming from. I’ve noticed my communication has improved with the people in my life, so even in such a short time, it’s had a huge impact on me.

    Administrator Professional Development Client

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While every client and organization is unique, all of us benefit from increasing awareness. My services are all designed to accomplish this key objective.


One-on-one coaching helps individuals grow personally and professionally. Using various techniques and activities, I support clients as they gain an in-depth understanding of their personality and behavior patterns, and in turn how both are impacting relationships, performance, goal achievement, happiness and more. Clients use what they learn to amplify behaviors that lead to positive outcomes and diminish behaviors that lead to less-favorable outcomes. 

An emphasis is placed on helping clients find authentic yet practical avenues for growth and change.

Communication Facilitation

In both personal or professional environments, everyone is faced with difficult issues and challenging conversations from time-to-time. Using Enneagram-based strategies, I help clients improve communication at home and in the office, which leads to fewer conflicts, faster conflict resolution, stronger relationships and overall improved well-being.

An emphasis is placed on both increasing self-awareness of one’s own communication style, as well as increasing an awareness of other’s communication style preferences and needs.


Getting accurate and actionable feedback from a coach is a crucial part of an individual growth process. The same can be said of a team or organization. I provide leaders, managers and organizations with actionable feedback that leads to increased productivity, greater employee satisfaction and reduced workplace conflict and stress.


From the practical to the playful to the profound, I custom design workshops, team-building activities and retreat sessions to meet the unique needs of your group. Please contact me to discuss options and possibilities.