Your Ping

Enneagram type-specific inspiration emailed to your inbox

Creating meaningful, lasting change is not easy. Meet the challenge with a boost of Enneagram type-specific inspiration. Your Ping is a carefully chosen word or phrase designed to generate self-reflection and facilitate change.

Your Ping was developed by colleagues Stephanie Ross and Becky Gorman. Both agree no single tool is the magic bullet to success. Rather, Stephanie and Becky believe a customized combination of resources and support, alongside coaching, helps each individual find their way.

Stephanie and Becky have collaborated on this project to give their clients  – and Enneagram enthusiasts everywhere – an additional resource to add to their self-development toolbox.

In 2016, Stephanie and Becky sent out Your Ping monthly. Today, Stephanie continues to send out Your Ping a few times a year.

How to Get the Most from Your Ping

  • READ IT: When you receive Your Ping, take the time to read – versus scan – the email.
  • CONNECT WITH IT: What does Your Ping mean to you as a Enneagram type ___ ?
  • USE IT: As an on-the-go source of support, remind yourself of Your Ping frequently.

Your Ping \yər ˈpiŋ\: a small repetitive reminder sent to yourself from yourself

Not sure what Enneagram type you are? Please contact me to learn more about Enneagram typing.