2 Time Management Tips

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time-managementIf you are pressed for time here is one time management tip you can’t afford to ignore:

  • Check out RescueTime, sign-up for free and see where your day goes.  Increasing your awareness about how you actually spend your time will impact how you choose to spend your time. (I thought it took me 20 seconds to quickly check out a pair of shoes at Zappos. Turned out I was on their site for almost 5 minutes. And I wonder where my day goes. Busted.)

Have a few more seconds to keep reading?  Here is another tip:

  • Recently, I was trying to get a hold of a friend.  I emailed, and emailed, and emailed again.  (Can you tell what my preferred mode of communication is?) I never heard back.  I tried texting and got a response in minutes.  I wasted a lot of time trying to communicate in my preferred mode of communication, not hers.  Save time and impact efficiency by asking colleagues and friends how they prefer to communicate. Make sure to share your preferred mode of communication as well.