Talk About Change: Meet Ruth Bachman

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ruth-bachman-aboutTen years ago Ruth Bachman was left-handed.  Today she is right-handed.  And thriving.  Ruth was diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma, a rare form of cancer, and after chemotherapy failed, underwent amputation to save her life.

An inspirational speaker and newly-published author of Growing Through The Narrow Spots, Ruth shares her thoughts on change.

You frequently speak about change.  Tell us why:

Change is the rule, not the exception. All growth is about accepting and adjusting to “what is.”  Suffering, on the other hand, is resistance to “what is.

I have experienced many challenges in my life.  Cancer is the most obvious. I describe cancer as the narrow spot in an hourglass, and I am the sand.  I have traveled from the top, through the tight spot, to the bottom – the same sand but with a different arrangement.  Life is full of narrow spots and new arrangements.

We think we can control how and when change occurs in our lives, but the opposite is true.  We can only control how we respond to it.  My work is about inspiring people to focus on cultivating a well of resources to respond to change.

How do resources benefit the change response?

Research shows that resilience is the outcome of being able to respond to change with resources that promote well-being and cushion us against being overwhelmed.

What are some of your favorite resources?

Physical movement and its opposite: slowing down, breathing deeply and listening to my heart.

How has your Enneagram type helped you navigate change?

A key contributor to being resilient is being positive. Some people are indeed positive by nature, and I admit to being one of them.  (I am an Enneagram 2.) However, being resilient does not mean being a happy-go-lucky Pollyanna, floating effortlessly through life with rose colored glasses.  On the contrary, a resilient response to change is far from effortless.  Cultivating resilience requires intention, attention and effort.

Share some of that positivity with us.  What is the upside to a difficult change?

Experiencing change whole-heartedly brings us closer to who we authentically are.  It brings about growth.  Without growth we stagnate.  And if you are stagnating, you are not living.

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