Talk About Change: Meet Rich Brown

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rich-afterrich-beforeLast November, Rich Brown weighed 185lbs.  By February, he weighed 135lbs.  Talk about a change! To create such a remarkable outcome, Rich reduced his calorie intake, while taking a nutritional supplement to ensure his body was getting essential nutrients and vitamins.

What was the most challenging part of changing your behavior?

The most challenging part was changing my eating habits and having the willingness to want to changes them.  My military background helped me to be disciplined and committed to the change.

What specifically from your military background helped?

In the military I learned that if I put my mind to something, I can accomplish it.  My military background also helped with the willpower and discipline aspects related to completing this process.  The never quit mentality!

What inspired or motivated you to keep going?

The weight loss and how I felt were the most inspiring things to keep me going.  I limited myself to checking my weight until after I had committed to the program for 10 days. At the first weigh-in, the results were significant enough to motivate me to keep going. 

What surprised you most about making this change?

The biggest surprise is the comments I get from others.  It’s amazing how your personal appearance prompts conversation.   Also it’s very surprising how easy it is to want to work out after losing the weight. 

What has been the greatest reward from your efforts?

My overall health is by far the biggest reward.  The weight loss is great, but how I feel is amazing.  I sleep better, feel healthier and am more active because of this change.  I feel ten years younger! 

How did your Enneagram type factor into this change process?

I’m a 2. I like to be liked and accepted by others.  I was not happy with the weight I had put on and I felt others noticed, whether they actually did or not.  Being a 2 absolutely is what helped shove me down the path of wanting to do something. 

In general, and as a 2, what advice do you have for others contemplating a significant lifestyle change?

You have to just do it and stick to it.  Set a goal and talk to people about it as your going through the change.  Positive feedback is one of the best motivators.  Getting comments about your progress will drive you to continue until you reach your goal.

To learn more about how Rich lost 50+ pounds, feel free to contact him at [email protected].