Stephanie is Coming to Town

 In People

santaToday, in advance of an onsite visit with a client, I emailed the leadership team to confirm when I would be in the office and get a sense of what they wanted to cover during my visit.

The subject line of my email read: “Stephanie is coming to town.” I will admit as I typed, I sang silently to myself.  I paused, should I change the subject?

I am glad I didn’t. One of the managers emailed back with this hilarious reply:

Sheeeeeee knows when you’ve been sleeping…Sheeeee knows when you’ve been ‘fake.’

Sheee hears when you’ve been good or bad….so be good for the company’s sake!

She’ll ask you to spout….you might even cry!

You better shoot straight ‘cuz she knows when you lie.

Stephanie Ross… coming…………to town!

I love my clients.