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  • computerIdentify patterns and increase awareness with High Low Glitter, a process I developed to help individuals and groups reflect on the meaningful moments of the day. While I originally developed as a micro-social networking site for families and close friends, after recommending the practice to clients and I have come to realize it is also a powerful coaching tool. In addition, management teams use the platform as an informative, fun team-building activity.
  • Creating meaningful, lasting change is not easy. Meet the challenge with a boost of monthly Enneagram type-specific inspiration. Your Ping is a carefully chosen word or phrase designed to generate self-reflection and facilitate change.
  • Wonder where the day goes? Find out using Rescue Time device tracking. This time management software will give you an honest look at how you are living your digital life.


  • Both personal and professional development coaching clients will learn more about Enneagram types at the Enneagram in Business website.
  • The 2011 Benchmark Report from the Enneagram in Business Network summarizes findings on how to best achieve positive and sustainable results when using the Enneagram in the workplace.
  • To learn more about MARI and inquire about MARI training, contact MARI Creative Resources.