Q1: High, Low, Glitter

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smiley-faceChances are good that nine months from now you will be looking back at 2013 and reflecting:

What did I accomplish this year?  Where did I go astray? What were the highs and lows of 2013?

I am a big fan of year-end reflection, especially before jumping into New Year goal setting.  But why wait for year-end?  We are 90 days into the year. Now is a good time to check in and ask: how are things going?

Pausing to look at a specific period of time is like stopping to read a road map. You see where you are. You see how far you have come. You see where you are going.  You also see where you went left, when you should have gone straight.  You revisit your charted course. You vacillate between taking the faster, direct route versus the slower, scenic route.  You revise your plan as needed to ensure you arrive at your destination when and how you wish.

Last December, I introduced my readers to High, Low, Glitter – a game I originally created to teach my young daughters the virtues of self-reflection and open communication.  As a coach, I use High, Low, Glitter to create a reflective pause.  When I ask clients to tell me their High Low Glitter of a specific period of time they pause and:

  • think about where they have been and what they have accomplished – high
  • consider where they took a wrong turn, had a setback or made a misstep – low
  • reflect on the unexpected, remarkable vistas and landmarks along their route  – glitter

Together we discuss how they can:

  • build on their successes as they move forward.
  • change their actions and reactions to get different, better results.
  • replicate the behaviors that lead to unexpected, remarkable outcomes.

The result is a healthy interplay of self-reflection, honest communication with oneself and intentional self-management and refinement.

Now is the time to ask: what was the High Low Glitter of Q1?  Write it down (share it here if you like.)  Take some time to reflect on your answers.  Refine your route and see where it takes you.