About Mandalas

In today’s fast-paced, frenetic world taking good care of ourselves can be a challenge. Our attention is constantly pulled in several directions. We feel overwhelmed, scattered, unsatisfied, adrift. We ache for clarity, meaning and contentment.

We quest for the “magic bullet” that will fix what ails us. Fortunately, we have access to a solution: our authentic selves. Our authentic selves can guide us to our greatest potential and empower us to take control of our lives, health and well-being.

Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning “sacred circle.” Creating mandalas is a meditative, healing activity that brings to light expressions of our authenticity. Packed with useful insights and powerful unconscious information, we can explore the wisdom and intuitive guidance in your mandalas. Mandala work is a creative way to stay attuned with your inner knowing.

Sound interesting? It is! Please contact me to ask questions and learn more.


MARI (the Mandala Assessment Research Instrument) is a Jungian-based, psycho-spiritual assessment tool that promotes self-discovery and personal growth. Like other assessment tests and divinatory explorations, MARI provides useful information about you – information that you can use to live with greater authenticity, intention, purpose, and contentment. What makes MARI unique is that it is an effective way for you to access a considerable amount of valuable conscious and unconscious information with efficiency and impact.

Why is unconscious information important?
The stuff we think about – ideas, facts, expectations – fills our conscious minds and impacts how we live our lives. Our unconscious is also filled with stuff – feelings, thoughts, images that we are unaware of day-to-day. This valuable unconscious information often reflects a more authentic, truer self – our essence.

Knowing the wisdom of essence provides profound insight and guidance which can lead to more authentic living and greater happiness. But, tapping into this often hidden source of knowledge and wisdom can be difficult. MARI makes accessing and understanding this information easy.

How does MARI work?
By selecting cards to create symbol and color combinations, you capture a snapshot of your psyche – your current conscious and unconscious state. This snapshot brings to light a rich portrait of feelings, attitudes, and thoughts. You are literally able to “see” what is happening in your unconscious. Together, we investigate what this deep wisdom and authentic information means for you.

The MARI begins with the coloring of a mandala, followed by card selection and interpretive discussion. The initial MARI session is approximately 2 hours, with a follow-up session of 1 – 1½ hours.

What are the benefits of MARI?
Bringing unconscious information into consciousness allows for greater awareness, self-actualization and often, significant change. The healing benefits and rewards of MARI are many:

  • Authentic insights, understanding and direction
  • Resolution of issues, concerns and problems
  • Greater contentment and success
  • Improved health and well-being
  • Profound personal growth and transformation

To ask questions and discuss how MARI can be of benefit to you, or to schedule a MARI appointment, please contact me.