High Low Glitter 2.0

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smiley-faceAt the end of 2012, I wrote my first post about High, Low, Glitter the dinnertime activity I created when my daughters were preschoolers.  That first post, as well as two subsequent High, Low, Glitter posts encourage my readers to take a reflective pause and consider their accomplishments and missteps, as well as acknowledge highlights and peak moments along the way.

I use the High Low Glitter exercise to help clients get a balanced picture of how they are progressing.  As a bonus, I have noted the activity inspires a feeling a gratitude, particularly as clients reflect on the small accomplishments and little moments that ironically seem to matter most.

Inspired by the benefits of High Low Glitter to both my family, and more recently, my clients, I began development of an online version of High Low Glitter in 2013. I am thrilled to announce that the High Low Glitter app is now available in the App Store and Google Play Store.


While this product was initially designed to support families, we have already had several discussions with business owners who agree there is a significant value in using the High Low Glitter application for team-building and morale-boosting.  We are excited to explore how we can support a business application as well.  Please email me to share your thoughts.

For more information please visit highlowglitter.com.