High, Low, Glitter

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smiley-faceHigh, Low, Glitter is routine conversational fare at my dinner table.  A game that I developed when my daughters were in preschool, High, Low, Glitter asks each person at the table to reflect on their day and come up with:

  • a high – the best part of your day
  • a low – the worst part of your day
  • a glitter – a fun, sparkly, unexpected, delightful, hilarious moment in your day

The initial purpose and intent of High, Low, Glitter was to instill a value in reflection, as well as illustrate the power of perspective.  Over the years (my daughters are now in college), High, Low, Glitter has proven to be all that and more.

To start, High, Low, Glitter is a great way to get kids and adults talking, sharing and listening to each other.  Friends and family who have sat at our dinner table, joined in our daily recounting of High, Low, Glitter, have returned to their own dinner tables with variations of the game.

High, Low, Glitter is a great to way to acknowledge accomplishments and successes (high); find support, humor and perspective in setbacks and disappointments (low); and highlight and celebrate peak experiences and exceptional moments (glitter.)

Two nights ago, dinner lasted two hours as we recounted the highs, lows and glitters of 2012.  Today, I asked a client to tell me his professional High, Low, Glitter of 2012.

Fifteen years after creating High, Low, Glitter, I am still amazed at how gracefully these three small words prompt reflection, celebration, acknowledgment, appreciation and insight.

2012: what was your high, low, glitter?

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