Heads Up Type 1’s

 In Enneagram, Type 1

shutterstock_74432602I just read a blog post with a five ingredient recipe to get and keep motivated.  The post itself didn’t exactly wow me, but ingredient #3 caught my attention:

3. Don’t wait for perfection, just do it now!

Perfectionists are the hugest losers in life because they either expect things to be perfect before they take action or, if they do take action, they can’t enjoy whatever happens because it’s not the perfect outcome.

The real joy of achievement doesn’t come from what you achieve but from your efforts in trying to achieve it. The only thing that’s perfect in this world is that you’re perfectly free to take action.  Now, as in right now.

This ingredient, recommended by motivational speaker Omar Periu and editorialized on by post author Geoffrey James, is sound advise for all of us.  I am passing it along with an extra nudge of encouragement to Type 1’s to take this counsel to heart.

Myself included.  So instead of rereading and rewriting this post, this Type 1 is going to click “publish” now – right now – and post.