Halloween: Enneagram Style

 In Enneagram, Inspiration

iStock_000007341003XSmallIt is October 31st. Which means it is Halloween. Which means people wear costumes.  Which means they imagine they are someone (or something) else for a few hours today.

This Halloween consider becoming another Enneagram type.  It really doesn’t matter what type you “dress up” as.  What matters is that you step into the role with curiosity and sincerity.  Here are some examples of what you could explore and experience:

Type 5’s may try stepping out of seclusion and embrace the nurturing nature of type 2’s.

Type 2’s could focus less on others and more on their own unique needs like type 4’s.

Type 4’s could try ignoring how they are feeling and playfully embrace the carefree gluttony of type 7’s (especially fun to do on Halloween).

If type 7’s set aside the drive for said gluttony, they could relax in the harmonious zen of the type 9’s peaceful world.

Type 9’s could venture forth and put away cautious deliberations and make a few snap decisions like type 8’s.

Type 8’s could try on type 6’s consideration for consequences before charging forward.

Type 6’s could take a leap of faith and trust with conviction like discerning type 1’s.

Type 1’s could relax their perfectionism and masquerade as type 3’s, and just get things done rather than fret about getting every detail right.

Type 3’s could dress up as type 5’s slowing down, delving deep and enjoying some quiet thinking time.

Give it a whirl. Let me know how it goes. Happy Halloween!