Good Read: To Sell is Human

 In Books

To-Sell-is-Human-CoverOnce again, author Daniel Pink has written an insightful, compelling, fun-to-read book that changes the way we think about ourselves and our work. I instantly fell in love with A Whole New Mind.  Then Drive.  And now, To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others.

Pink makes a solid case that we are all in sales one way or another. I agree.  However, if you are in sales, manage a sales team, or own a business that has a sales department: run, don’t walk, and buy this book.

Pink’s writing style is entertaining, his topic is timely, the resources and tools he shares are practical and applicable. But the primary reason to read this book (or any of Pink’s books) is that it is thought-provoking.  In other words, it does a great job of increasing our awareness and cleverly enticing us to contemplate how and where we can make useful changes in our lives.

Here are a few of my favorite “awareness increasers” from To Sell:

  • Asymmetrical information is a thing of the past.  Have you adapted? (Learn how.)
  • Are you an ambivert?  (You should be.)
  • What is your positivity ratio today? (Ideally 3:1)
  • Are you a problem solver or a problem finder? (Finders sell more than solvers.)
  • Are you talking too much?  (Count to 5 before you answer.)

Hopefully this book will make your reading list.  If it does, I look forward to hearing what you learned and what, if any, changes you made because of it.