Enneagram Wedding Planning

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Enneagram-Wedding-PlanningLast week, during some playful email banter with a dear friend and colleague, it was suggested that I add a new division to Stephanie Ross Coaching:  Enneagram wedding planning services.

The email exchange had me laughing out loud.  I decided to share our musings here with the intention of bringing a smile to reader’s faces.

Wedding planners take note!

Type One – While most aspire to have that perfect special day, the Enneagram 1 wedding better be just that: perfect. Seriously. If not, you have been warned. Bridezilla may appear. Use only the finest and most reliable caterers, florists and photographers – the folks you are sure will get it right.

Type Two –  Since weddings are synonymous with love, the Enneagram 2 wedding is a wedding planners dream.  Keep the focus on how adorably in love the couple is and the event will be a charming success.

Type Three – Bring your A-game to the Enneagram 3 wedding.  The happy couple no doubt has a vision of how the event should look, but they simply don’t have any time to plan it. You are going to be totally in charge of what needs to be a most impressive event.

Type Four – Time to get creative.  From start to finish, the Enneagram 4 wedding must be extremely significant and absolutely unforgettable. Consider poignant incorporation of meaningful poems, songs and recounting of key dates throughout the couple’s history.

Type Five – City Hall. Minimal number of guests. Dinner to follow at a restaurant nearby. The couple may eschew photo-taking or videography. Insist on it. Later in life, the Enneagram 5 wedding couple may want to relive the day in a more heartfelt way. Even if it takes 40 years, you will score points for thinking ahead.

Type Six – The Enneagram 6 wedding is all about the contingency plans. What if it rains? What if the flower girl throws up? What if uncle Bob gets drunk? Be prepared!

Type Seven – The Enneagram 7 wedding is guaranteed to be quite a party. Food stations with a wide range of options are a must. Open bar for sure. Out-of-the-box entertainment. Think: acrobats, Elvis impersonators, fireworks.  Oh and be prepared for the 7 groom to get cold feet.

Type Eight – This wedding is already planned. Well sort of.  You will definitely need to attend to all those pesky details. Once you have those dialed in, the Enneagram 8 wedding will run itself. Note: be prepared for some of the most touching toasts you have ever heard.

Type Nine – The Enneagram 9 wedding takes a while to plan. We recommend you start by asking the happy couple what they don’t want. That will be easier than figuring out what they do want. You will have to be patient. Decisions take time, but in the end the day is sure to be peaceful, lovely and inspiring.

This all sounds kinda fun, doesn’t it?  Maybe I should consider a new division at Stephanie Ross Coaching.