Am I an Enneagram type 9?

9’s Core Motivation – I am striving to:

  • Feel settled, at ease and content

I focus my attention on:

  • Making sure those around me feel comfortable and happy
  • Maintaining an internal sense of peace and calm
  • How to get my needs met without upsetting others

I avoid:

  • “Rocking the boat”
  • Situations that can lead to conflict, disagreement, or tension

Typical characteristics and strengths:

  • Optimistic
  • Agreeable, easygoing
  • Steady, patient
  • Natural mediator
  • Good listener, receptive
  • Kind, compassionate, understanding
  • Gentle, yet strong and powerful
  • Reassuring
  • Collaborators, inclusive, good at bringing people together
  • Caring, supportive, helpful
  • Accepting and non-judgmental
  • Able to hear and appreciate multiple viewpoints

Typical challenges or blindspots:

  • Complacent, uncertain
  • Indecisive
  • Waver, hem-haw, procrastinate
  • Resist change
  • Quietly stubborn, passive-aggressive
  • Ignore or oversimplify problems
  • Focus on less important issues
  • Disengage, check-out
  • Go along to get along
  • Aloof, disconnected from feelings

Typical patterns and behaviors:

  • I am easy to be around, friendly and kind. My steady, gentle demeanor often makes me approachable.
  • I am positive and hopeful. I see the glass half-full even when things are rough.
  • I like to collaborate and build-consensus. I think listening to others and hearing multiple perspectives is important.
  • I often collect feedback and opinions before making a decision. Sometimes I spend too much time hearing opinions as a way to avoid making a decision.
  • I can easily give up on my priorities to keep those around me content.
  • I can have a hard time asserting myself. When I do assert myself, those around me can be surprised or uncomfortable.
  • When stress or conflict overwhelms me, it is common for me to “numb out” – sleeping, watching shows, reading, gambling, drinking, etc. – to avoid feeling the discomfort of an unsettling reality.
Enneagram 9

Considering your wings and arrows may help clarify nuances of your type.

  • 9’s Wings: 8 and 1. Most of us “lean” more toward one of our two wings, sharing some behaviors with that type.
  • Growth Arrow: 3 – 9’s “move” toward 3 adopting 9ish behaviors and patterns for growth and development.
  • Stress Arrow: 6 – where 9’s may go when they are experiencing acute stress or difficulty. Here we see the 9 demonstrate “low-side” or unhealthy type 6 behaviors.

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