Am I an Enneagram type 4?

4’s Core Motivation – I am striving to be:

  • Unique by creating an identity that is significant and meaningful to me

I focus my attention on:

  • Contemplating my feelings and thoughts and sharing them, especially with those closest to me
  • Living authentically, creating meaningful, unique experiences
  • Living fully and deeply

I avoid:

  • Situations (experiences and people) that seem empty, ordinary, tedious or void of meaning

Typical characteristics and strengths:

  • Creative, artistic, imaginative
  • Comfortable with uniqueness
  • Original
  • Sensitive, empathetic, understanding
  • Compassionate, caring
  • Passionate, intense
  • Expressive
  • Intuitive, highly attuned to others
  • Thoughtful, introspective
  • Mission, purpose and meaning driven

Typical challenges or blindspots:

  • Dramatic, intense
  • Moody, temperamental
  • Envious, jealous
  • Unsatisfied or under-satisfied
  • Disappointed, let down, lamenting
  • Melancholy, depressive
  • Withdrawn, brooding
  • Focused on what is lost, missing or not possible
  • Self-focused, often self-referencing
  • Hampered by guilt and criticism

Typical patterns and behaviors:

  • I am comfortable being my own unique person. It is common for me to feel different or special.
  • I spend time introspecting and finding meaning in things. My reflection time tends toward contemplating the past or dreaming about the future.
  • My creative/artistic pursuits (when I make time for them) enrich my life immensely and bring me joy.
  • Emotions play a big role in my life. Whether happy or sad, I tend to experience all feelings deeply.
  • Sharing my emotional experience is important to me, especially with those closest to me. This helps create the deep connection with others I thrive on.
  • I am highly sensitive to how others treat me. Negative interactions and feedback often lead to feelings of guilt and shame.
  • I can struggle with feeling depressed or burdened. I can get fatigued by the heaviness of life.
Enneagram 4

Considering your wings and arrows may help clarify nuances of your type.

  • 4’s Wings: 3 and 5. Most of us “lean” more toward one of our two wings, sharing some behaviors with that type.
  • Growth Arrow: 1. 4’s “move” toward 1 adopting 1ish behaviors and patterns for growth and development.
  • Stress Arrow: 2. Where 4’s may go when they are experiencing acute stress or difficulty. Here we see the 4 demonstrate “low-side” or unhealthy type 2 behaviors.

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