Am I an Enneagram type 2?

2’s Core Motivation – I am striving to:

  • Feel connected, loved and needed

I focus my attention on:

  • People and my relationships
  • Meeting the needs of others, helping others
  • Being generous, kind and thoughtful

I avoid:

  • Disappointing or upsetting people

Typical characteristics and strengths:

  • Loving, nurturing, caring
  • Helpful, generous
  • Empathetic, sensitive
  • Supportive, understanding
  • Insightful
  • Considerate, kind, friendly
  • Rapport builders
  • Positive, optimistic
  • Joyful
  • Value relationships and human connections

Typical challenges or blindspots:

  • Overly helpful, doting, giving
  • Easily overextended by doing for others
  • Have trouble saying no
  • Suppress or unaware of own needs
  • Flattering, disingenuous, people-pleasing
  • Indirect, misleading, deceitful
  • Manipulative, give-to-get behavior
  • Make myself indispensable (make others dependent on me)
  • Different selves to different people
  • Prideful

Typical patterns and behaviors:

  • I enjoy connecting with people. Relationships are of the utmost importance. I focus a lot of time and attention on people, my connections and my relationships.
  • I am often the life of the party. I plan events and celebrations. I love entertaining, feeding and nurturing others. I endeavor to make sure others are happy and thriving.
  • I have good instincts. I often am aware of how others are feeling and know what they need before they do.
  • Sometimes I overdo my caretaking and exhaust myself. Because I prioritize others, I tend to neglect myself.
  • I can become overly involved and intrude in other people’s lives.
  • I get angry and resentful when I feel underappreciated, under-valued or taken for granted.
  • I get sad and depressed when those closest to me are unkind, cold or insensitive.
Enneagram 2

Considering your wings and arrows may help clarify nuances of your type.

  • 2’s Wings: 1 and 3. Most of us “lean” more toward one of our two wings, sharing some behaviors with that type.
  • Growth Arrow: 4. 2’s “move” toward 4 adopting 4ish behaviors and patterns for growth and development.
  • Stress Arrow: 8. Where 2’s may go when they are experiencing acute stress or difficulty. Here we see the 2 demonstrate “low-side” or unhealthy type 8 behaviors.

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