Am I an Enneagram type 1?

1’s Core Motivation – I am striving to:

  • Be good, do what is right and have everything “just so”

I focus my attention on:

  • What is right or wrong, good or bad, correct or incorrect
  • Fixing what I perceive is wrong, deficient, lacking or imperfect
  • Improving myself, others, situations and processes

I avoid:

  • Making mistakes and “coloring outside the lines”
  • Being irresponsible, inappropriate, reckless

Typical characteristics and strengths:

  • Responsible
  • Hardworking
  • Organized
  • Conscientious
  • Discerning
  • Ethical, principled
  • High standards
  • Focused and clear
  • Goal-oriented, strive for excellence
  • Reliable, dedicated, consistent
  • Practical

Typical challenges or blindspots:

  • Judgmental, quick to judge, reactive
  • Critical, overly-critical (especially of self and those closest to you)
  • Demanding
  • Impatient
  • Perfectionist, nit-picky
  • Angry, resentful, easily frustrated
  • Harsh, sharp
  • Lots of “should-ing”
  • Inflexible, rigid, stuck thinking
  • Negative, nay-saying, pessimistic

Typical patterns and behaviors:

  • Working hard, being reliable and having integrity are important to me.
  • I have a clear sense of what is acceptable and righteous. I am guided by self-defined standards, rules, beliefs and principles. I see opportunities for improvement everywhere.
  • People count on me to do a job well. I feel like there is little to no room for error. When I do make a mistake, it can be devastating.
  • I tend to get easily annoyed and disappointed by others failing especially when I am under stress.
  • I have a hard time delegating. “If you want something done right you have to do it yourself” isn’t a saying. It is a fact.
  • I have a hard time relaxing. Work and responsibilities come before play. By the time I am done working, there is often no time to play. I rely on others to help me have fun.
Enneagram 1

Considering your wings and arrows may help clarify nuances of your type.

  • 1’s Wings: 9 and 2. Most of us “lean” more toward one of our two wings, sharing some behaviors with that type.
  • Growth Arrow: 7 – 1’s “move” toward 7 adopting 7ish behaviors and patterns for growth and development.
  • Stress Arrow: 4 – where 4’s may go when they are experiencing acute stress or difficulty. Here we see the 1 demonstrate “low-side” or unhealthy type 4 behaviors.

Not sure what Enneagram type you are? Please contact me to learn more about Enneagram typing.