Your Enneagram Gift Guide

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gift‘Tis the season to be jolly!

In the same spirit as last spring’s Enneagram wedding planning tips I present (no pun intended) an Enneagram Gift Guide.

NOTE: While I write in jest, I do wonder why I have never thought about “giving to the type” before. After all, I encourage clients to “manage to the type” and grow more conscious from their type. Why not consider type when giving?

Back to being jolly…

Type One – Help the 1’s in your life fix themselves and the world this holiday season. Gifts related to self-improvement are sure to please: gym memberships, cooking classes (any classes) and books. Charity-related gifts (think: buy a village a cow) are winners with this type.

Type Two – Two’s are big on helping which makes charity-related gifts a good option for this type as well. But for something more personal and meaningful plan an activity – tickets to a play or a sporting event – that you can share together. A framed picture of the two of you is guaranteed to bring a smile. Coupons to do chores around the house, cook dinner or wash the dog are great but you may have to nudge your 2 to redeem them.

Type Three – Anything to make it possible to get more done in a day – and track progress – is a gift worth giving the 3’s in your life. Time-saving kitchen gadgets, especially pressure cookers, tech devices that help with multi-tasking, productivity apps, a treadmill with a desk attachment.

Type Four – Special, unique, one-of-a-kind, exceptional. Find that for your 4 and you will be giving the most meaningful gift ever given.

Type Five – Books. And more books. Especially non-fiction books on the 5’s favorite obsession, I mean, areas of interest.

Type Six – Road side safety kits, emergency tool kits, fire extinguishers, pepper spray all make winning gifts for 6’s. But if you want to be a risk-taker try buying yoga paraphernalia and see if they get the hint.

Type Seven – If it goes fast, or generates fun, or is deliciously distracting, it will probably be of interest to the 7’s you are shopping for this year. Ideal present categories include technology, travel/adventure, food and music. Oh and video games and movies.

Type Eight – Don’t waste time, be decisive. Get gift certificates for the 8’s on your list and let them decide what to buy.

Type Nine – Nine’s will like pretty much anything you get them, or pretend they do. But that doesn’t mean you can slack. Is there a topic your 9 talks about a lot? Shop the topic and you will rock their world, not their boat.

Sending wishes for happy holidays and stress-free, type-targeted shopping.