Talk About Change: Meet Ruth Bachman

Ten years ago Ruth Bachman was left-handed.  Today she is right-handed.  And thriving.  Ruth was diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma, a rare form of cancer, and after chemotherapy failed, [...]

Guess the Type

With great delight a client of mine emailed me this photo of his recent art purchase. Guess what Enneagram type he is?  

Talk About Change: Meet Rich Brown

Last November, Rich Brown weighed 185lbs.  By February, he weighed 135lbs.  Talk about a change! To create such a remarkable outcome, Rich reduced his calorie intake, while taking a nutritional [...]

Stephanie is Coming to Town

Today, in advance of an onsite visit with a client, I emailed the leadership team to confirm when I would be in the office and get a sense of what they wanted to cover during my visit. The [...]