coaching the authentic you

In today’s fast-paced, frenetic world taking good care of ourselves is not easy. Our attention is constantly pulled in several directions. We feel overwhelmed, scattered, unsatisfied, adrift. We ache for clarity, direction, purpose, meaning and contentment.


We quest for the “magic bullet” that will fix what ails us. Fortunately, we have access to a solution: our authentic selves. Our authentic selves can guide us to our greatest potential and empower us to take control of our lives, health, and well-being.

I work with individuals interested in harnessing the power of their deepest inner wisdom and guidance.

I serve as translator and guide, teacher and adviser. Coach.

Using a variety of intuitive, coaching, and counseling tools and techniques, we work together to gather information about you. This information is loaded with powerful clues and intuitive solutions that guide you to your highest potential and help you achieve a unique, authentic state of well-being.